Stop and Go

In the near future, humanity will witness great migrations. In fifteen pencil drawings, Claude Parent proposes new architectural forms to encourage the flux of nomads and allow them to coexist with settled persons.

In response to contemporary anxieties, Claude Parent reiterates his radical positions on an architecture in service of a humanity that is reinventing itself: “We must never again build closed cities, fortified in their own territories, protected by impenetrable defences. Let us unroll immense pathways in the form of continuous ribbons upon the surface of the Earth to assure the permanent fluctuation of humanity on the move.”

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Portfolio presented in a cardboard sleeve with a text by Claude Parent, an India ink drawing and fourteen pencil drawings reproduced on Arches Expression 250g paper.


Limited edition of 50 copies, including forty signed and numbered I to XL and ten in private circulation.


15 black-and-white reproductions

18 pages

29,5 × 22,5 × 1,2 cm

Published on 01/06/2012

ISBN : Sans

Press review