Demain, la Terre…, deluxe edition

Publishers use the word slipcases. Jewellers speak of jewellery boxes. When Demain, la Terre… is placed in its Ultrabéton® case, it becomes nothing less than a sculpture.

Oblique and vertical lines cross in an elegant harmony of paper and stone, where sensual and subtle interplays of texture, tints, shadow and light make each copy a unique art piece.

Ultrabéton®, a strong, fluid and ductile high-tech material used in the construction industry, allows for complex forms and slender frames that make for ideal applications in art and design.

To make this sculptural case designed by Claude Parent, the team at Béton et Objets applied their industrial skills to experimental and artisanal production methods. The resulting object is a feat of technical prowess that expands the technical limitations of this innovative material.

La Joie, which means Joy, is the title of the drawing by Claude Parent that appears on the front of the case. With its ability to reproduce the tiniest details and imperfections of the surfaces onto which it is poured, Ultrabéton® makes it possible to use concrete instead of paper to faithfully reproduce the ink drawing, like a bas-relief carved from solid stone.

Joy is also the feeling we have when we behold this book-sculpture, which pays tribute to this master of the oblique and his utopian drawings.

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Limited edition of 12 copies presented in an Ultrabéton® box and numbered I to XII, signed by Claude Parent and including an original 21-by-30-centimetre pencil drawing.

53 black-and-white reproductions

96 pages

26 × 35 × 5 cm

Couverture cartonnée avec gauffrage

Published on 01/01/2010

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