Ukraine Fragments

On 24 February 2022, more than 40 million Ukrainians were thrust into a reality that we can only grasp through reportage and testimony.

Since then, six photographers of the MYOP agency have been showing us what is happening at the heart of the European continent. Whether on the frontlines or among civilians, each photographer captures the everyday reality of a people and testifies that life continues despite the threat and anxiety, the fragility and death.

The portraits, moments and landscapes collected in this book are some of the fragments that compose this humble and moving account of a year at war.


As all parties involved in the making of this book have waived their fee, proceeds will be donated to the Ukrainian organisation NGO YES. Based in Zaporizhia, the group provides food, medical supplies and clothing to vulnerable populations and to those displaced by the war..


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Bilingual English / French edition

With a text by Oleksandr Mykhed

Photographs by Guillaume Binet, Laurence Geai, Zen Lefort, Chloé Sharrock, Michel Slomka, Adrienne Surprenant

300 colour reproductions

304 pages

21 × 29,7 × 2 cm


Published on 30/06/2023

ISBN : 978-2-490505-53-1

Graphic designer: ABM Studio

Co-produced with ABM Éditions