The Ghost Train

The Ghost Train’s two white tubes weave into a monumental sculpture.
A dark mouth opens access to a tunnel lined with images that move as if seen from the windows of a train.
The urban landscapes we traverse could have been described by J.G. Ballard.
But other images are superposed over these landscapes, as if every image were haunted by the reminiscence of other, more deeply buried ones.

This book proposes a journey, a descent into the heart of images and forms. The physical and visual experience of Charles de Meaux’s installation at the Centre Pompidou from 19 February to 10 March 2014 comes back to life.

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English edition

Texts by Bernard Blistène, Eduardo Jorge, Israël Rosenfield

60 colour reproductions

17 black-and-white reproductions

160 pages

18 × 28 × 1,5 cm

Hardcover with embossing

Published on 01/06/2014

ISBN : 978-2-917217-59-7

Graphic designer: Frédéric Teschner


Published in co-production with the Centre Pompidou

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