Suspended Time

Charlotte von Poehl’s work has a recurrent focus on repetition and seriality. Using ordinary materials and techniques, von Poehl draws repetitive patterns, such as the ongoing Arrow Drawings, and models miniature clay sculptures that form large floor installations and vary in size according to the exhibition space.

For von Poehl, taking notes, copying citations and producing drawings are part of a daily routine that holds a central role in her artistic approach. Each of her works can be seen as a fragment of this larger ongoing project, extracted from a continuous process.

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Trilingual English / Swedish / French edition

Texts by Charlotte Bydler, Penelope Curtis, Anna Livion Ingvarsson, François Michaud

75 colour reproductions

176 pages

17,5 × 24 × 1,9 cm


Published on 01/01/2012

ISBN : 978-2-917217-23-8

Graphic designer: Room for Words