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This first monograph on the work of Emilie Benoist collects the drawings, sculptures and installations created between 2002 and 2012 and presents them in four sections: Ces milieux /CM [These Environments], Neverland /NCellula Phantastica /CP and Matière grise /Mg [Grey Matter].

This classification reveals how science is at the core of Emilie Benoist’s work. Sagittal cross-sections, IRM imagery, theories of life, geology, geophysics and archaeology inspire forms that explore the relationships between art and science, truth and falsehood, the real and the imaginary.

“Everything I do involves re-fabricating a totally false process.”

Emilie Benoist enjoys blurring data and memories, making, for example, flint artefacts from the pages of the newspaper Le Monde: prehistoric objects taken, in a sense, from the hyper-fragile and hyper-rapid timeframe of daily news.

This is a body of work that asks profound questions about the future of the living world, man’s place in the universe and the derision of artifice.

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Bilingual English / French edition

Texts by Anaël Pigeat, Pierre Giquel, Israël Rosenfield

103 colour reproductions

144 pages

17 × 24 × 1,4 cm

Softcover with Heliophore and silkscreen printing

Published on 01/10/2012

ISBN : 978-2-917217-34-4

Graphic designer: Sylvie Astié